Resilient Sales & Installation

Resilient flooring being made today will amaze you with its styling capabilities, colors, textures, and performance. Resilient flooring derives its name because it “gives” or has elasticity.  It is softer to the touch and quieter than ceramic tile, stone, or wood.  The kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room are the most common areas for resilient flooring.

New technology now allows resilient flooring, or vinyl as it is sometimes called, to closely replicate the look of ceramic tile, wood, stone and even marble.  Advanced Rotogravure printing has increased the realism and styling available to you.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a newer category of resilient flooring.  It represents the upper end of resilient flooring.  The colors are more vivid, textures are more deeply pronounced, and there are more styles to choose from.  The product is exceptionally durable.  Design flexibility, low maintenance, performance, and value make luxury vinyl tile one of the fastest growing products in the industry.

The Benefits of Resilient Flooring Include:

• Water, Mildew and Stain Resistant

• Available in a variety of colors and styles

• Easy to install; variety of installation options

• Wear resistant; will stand up to even the toughest tests

• Easy to maintain; liquids stay on the surface and are easily wiped away

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